Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tuesday September 3, 2013

This week goes great! We've had some exciting things happen. We have a baptism this Saturday and I'm so excited! She had a lot of things hit her already from Satan. But she is strong and I have the faith that she will do great and she will be a great member! We also had an investigator tell us that she wants to and will become a member. It's just a matter of when. We didn't set her with a date because she is very fragile and we didn't want to push her or make her nervous or anything. Just yesterday too we had someone in a small shop say that she was praying the whole way to work that she would be guided and be helped in her life. And then we walked in! We gave her a card-that's all i had at the moment and gave her our number and the address to the church. It was a pretty cool experience. :) oh and yesterday the library was closed so that's why no one has heard from me until now.  There are some crazy/funny sister missionaries out here. lol
You're thoughts and parts of talks you shared with me were perfect. and boy was I crying! haha We are all different for a reason. SO thanks mom for all those thoughts you shared with me. I really needed it and appreciate it. Thank you for all those nice things you said about me. I really don't feel adequate for those things-especially right now. :/ but it meant a lot to me so thanks. I'm really trying to be a true friend to people.  We learn and grow from them right? I thought with having so many roommates that it would be easy!
As of right now I don't think I need anything. I feel like the winter will hit us pretty soon but I feel like i just have to kinda wait to see if I get transferred and what area I'll be in during the winter. In some areas it won't get too cold until later. But i'm thinking I'll just buy some decent shoes and nice coat out here. If it's hard for me to get that in the area I'm in I'll let you know. Thanks mama!! also thanks for getting that card to Amanda somehow. I dunno how it'll be
Thanks for praying for my investigators and just everything that you do and the person that YOU are!!! You are too good to me and I love and appreciate you're love and support and great advice and uplifting words you give!
I'm so glad that you were able to travel safely and enjoyable to Utah with t! Sounds like it was a blast and a half! so fun! I'm sad Bree hasn't had her baby. She's probably in labor right now so I'll barely miss baby pix. haha Dad misses you a lot at home and i'm' excited to see pix put on the flashdrive to be sending back to me! hehe I'm excited for you to look at my pix though too. haha I love that you went out and bought bball shorts-I'm sure they look amazing on you! I dunno if I've ever seen you in those kind of shorts. lol Thanks for sending those amazing pictures of Rudd, Bree and T. haha

I'm continuing to press forward with faith and steadfastness! It's hard sometimes but ya just keep working, just keep working, working. (dory singing). Trying to do my best to fulfill the Lord's work and His will. Thanks for all your prayers-I do feel them! I love you!
Love, Sis Berry

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My favorite people!! :D

Time really is a weird thing out here on the mission. It doesn't even make sense sometimes! haha Elder Berry has even mentioned it too and it seriously is so weird. I feel like I've been in this area forever, yet I still don't know a lot of people in the ward. I hit my official 1 month mark a couple days ago. It's crazy that' it's been a month. But I'm trying not to keep track because it makes me feel weird to think about it too much. ha
I love hearing from home and seeing the pictures! Sounds like everyone is having so much fun and that the jeep trip and shooting was super fun! I'm so proud of T and her finally driving the jeep all by her big self :) tehe And yes T I totally understand what you were talking about your arms getting sore. My whole body gets so tight when I drive that beast around. Taryn and all the kids are getting so big. They're just all so darn cute I want to squeeze them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUDD!!! :D I also want to wish Nate a HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY!!! :D the big ol 30! woof :) hehe I know it's a bit early but since I won't be emailing you on Saturday. T you keep being brave my little big sista! I'm so proud of you for opening your mouth more! that's the best. I love it. Everyone seems to be doing so good at sharing the gospel to people-it's awesome!
All I know is that I thought I would be outside WAY more than I am. I feel like we're inside a lot-planning, meetings, studying, etc. Ya know the good stuff. We're still trying to get things figured out and to straighten things out too with our area and the less actives and former investigators, etc in the ward. There seems to be SO many people. But it keeps us busy. This last week seemed to slow and we didn't have too many lessons-which sounds weird from what I just said right? ya sometimes I don't understand how that happens either. I had my second exchange this week and I just fell in love with the Sister I was with. We instantly became great friends. We laughed too much-well it was just right for me but it might be too much for some people. She was just hilarious. You'll hear more about it in my journals. I told her I'm going to hook her up with my brother. haha She's 19 so it'll work out great. anywho, we had a great time. In one of the lessons we taught about priesthood blessings and I shared the story about Landon giving me a priesthood blessing while we were at school and what a wonderful experience that was for the both of us. I even started to cry-bah! my first time doing that-sheesh. silly but it was good :) I met a couple of cool people while I was in Elizabeth town and wish that I didn't have to leave but alas. Maybe I'll get to go there sometime. who knows. It was pouring rain that morning and we went outside and ran around a bit. It cleared up and was pretty humid and then later in the day almost the instant we walked outside the car it started dumping again. hard core! It was insane! I'll send a pic-it was fun though. There's seriously so much that goes on in a week and I can't remember even half of it. So i'm glad I'm sending you my journal entries.

One I do remember: Here in Ephrata though-the few lessons we have had have been awesome! One of the days these past week every house that we went too-not planned appts-someone opened the door (except for one), AND even let us in :) It was great! Someone that we've been trying so hard to get in contact with (Nat) we finally met her! She lives in a town that's not even really a town called Fivepointville. It's basically a small town intersection with 5 intersections. Everyone around it has doesn't even have Fivepointville addresses. It's weird. So it's been hard to find her address and such. But we got it and it was awesome! Her daughters are the most adorable things ever! Her 3 yr old sat next to Sis Kirk and just fell in love with her. She even said to her "Will you sleep in my bed with me tonight?" haha it was hilarious! Nat said she asks people that all the time. She kept scooting really close to Sis. K-it was adorable. At one point she kinda snuggled up to her and said "You're comfortable." oh my goodness we both about died. It was the cutest! anywho, She's a former investigator and even had a baptismal date and interview but for something that can totally and easily be fixed she had to postpone the baptism. That kind of frustrated her and she just didn't want to do it anymore. (this was a few months ago)  In our visit we talked to her about the Holy GHost and just invited her to come to church. She easily said she would be unfortunately she wasn't able to make it because her daughter was up all night being sick :( Satan did not hesitate to work on her. dang it! But we're so excited to teach her and help her with her testimony and get her baptized! Hopefully within the next few weeks :) We think that she just needed Sister missionaries (Missionettes as I've heard it)-as anyone needs (hehe) and an invitation to church.
I only say that anyone needs the sister missionaries because our ward gives the Elders such a hard time. They get teased a lot about it but they're great and they do great work! Most people just like us better-it's fine. :) Speaking of Missionettes! Last week we had zone training and President Topham told us that by the end of the year we'll have 18 sisters and getting rid of 18 elders so that we will have 1/3 sister missionaries out here in the Pittsburgh mission! It's crazy! Just in our zone we had 8 Sisters-which is how many sisters were out in the WHOLE mission when my comp came out here. Isn't that nuts? Oh it's so cool to be a part of this! I love it! The Lord truly has a plan and He knows what he's doing and how to do it. I love this gospel and so grateful for it and the experiences I get to have out here! I love you all and are grateful for your examples, prayers and support! You are just fantastic!
With much love,
Sister Berry
p.s. I got my new 2013 scriptures!! I love them SO much! they're so cool and stuff.

Monday, August 12, 2013

2 Weeks Done!

Well hello there!!

ok so T told me it would be ok if I didn't write everyone personally emails. Even though I've already done that I'm still going to send a large email. Gosh it's hard to get this straight but ya'll will hear enough from the journal entries. I just want to make sure that I answer all the questions and such! bah! lol Mom Thanks for sharing all the updates and doing all the forwarding and putting things on my blog. :) you da best! Oh and I loved the story about you running the water all night! haha..i mean...poor fish. But at least the pond is clean now!

Like i've said before... People here are awesome! I'm ready to go find more and new people to teach. We've had a few dinner appointments. This week we have one almost every night. They haven't been too bad but i'm sure those ones will come. yes it can be awkward at times because I feel like i say the same thing at every place. lol but I guess they're all different people and want to get to know us.
I'm so excited for the boys' superhero party tonight! Yesterday one of the Elders told us that they came up with our superheros from DC, Marvel and X-men for everyone in our district. haha it was so funny. I'm Batwoman, Wasp and grey something from X-men. I can't remember. I love all ya'll and love hearing from you!
This past week has been great! Met a lot of people and had my first exchange. I went to a town called Schrewsbury and it was such a fun place. It's like the town of creep cemeteries though. Seriously, they are everywhere!! I wish i could take a pic of everyone but that'll probably just take up all my memory. There's a lot in Ephrata too but more in Schrewsbury. Oh and I don't know if I've mentioned this yet...there are a billion and a half corn fields!! like crazy everywhere. It's bizarre. Oh and another thing I want to mention is last saturday we got to do some service for a recent convert and her sister is a investigator. We mowed their HUGE lawn. Well Sis Kirk did-it was her first time using a push mower. It was automatic but she left so many little mohawks everywhere it was great. I got to do the edging. It was extremely HOT! bleh. I was so sweaty it was insane. So glad we were able to take a dinner break and clean up afterwards. It was some great fun though.

You'll be getting the journal entries this week sometime and hear more about everything going on too. We've had a couple rough lessons with people that have been taught the lessons for a while already but it gives me practice and helps me learn how to better rely on the spirit. I love this work and everything! I love being able to have so much time to study. Yesterday in church there were multiple lessons taught about talents and that we should continually be developing and improving our talents. That's something I need and want to keep in mind. Reading over my patriarchal blessing I realize how many talents the Lord has given me. They're amazing talents that I never thought I could have but I know right now is a great time for me to be able to strengthen those and even develop them because they will so greatly help me in my future! I can't believe how much the Lord has helped me understand the scriptures. I feel that this is the most I've ever learned from them from reading on my own. I am able to focus and really get into them. There's so much to learn! bah it's crazy but I love it. :) "...For in his strength I can do ALL things."  We're going bowling for P-day with the Elders! Who knew? I didn't know. ha I'm excited though :)

Thanks for all ya'll do for me and the prayers that are sent. I love reading about everyone being a member missionary! Then I don't feel so alone in this work. It's so cool to think how much is being done ALL over the world. I especially love thinking about how well Elder Berry is doing over there in Cali! He's such a stud and I love hearing how he's growing so much!
love, Sister Berry
p.s. I love receiving emails but please write me a letter too if you can. I would love to get those! :D and spread the news.  again my address is 851 Clearview Ave. #334 Ephrata, PA 17522. They would rather have us give people that address then the office doesn't have to forward them and such.

p.p.s. I know this is super far away but, my trainer told me the other day that if Landon and I schedule a time we can both be on Skype or google chat at the same time :) So then we can all chat. And I can also call Bree and T on google chat too. anywho, just wanted to let you know in advance because I know that we've heard multiple things about that.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pictures from Pennsylvania!

Arriving in PA - All 30ish of us!

Meeting up with Elder Palmer!  Small World!

Outside 1st Apt. Ephrata, PA

PA Sunset

Amish Carriage Ahead
Gary the Minion watching over Sister Berry

Email from Sister Tiffany Berry - same day as entry below....

That's really weird that you haven't heard about the blog or anything because when we got here they told us there is a blog and then we were able to write our family real quick to let them know how we were and such...that was last MOnday. So that's super weird you haven't gotten that. It has the blog website on it and such. SO they do have one anywho... oh p.s. I was also told that on the day of transfers you can call to the mission office and ask what my new address will be..if you ever want to do that, you can. And i'm so sorry that I haven't been able to send you my new address...I was trying to get out a card last Tues but we were crazy busy. Sounds like things in WA are agoing well! I can only imagine the quiteness in the house since all the kids are out. You'r lucky though that T and Nate are still close :) so you're not totally lonely. Plus you have Tami :) THat's so fun you finally did your nails! Super jealous! oooh i'm so happy for Aaron and Natalie! I'm so excited for them. how fun. Give them my congrats to them if you ever see them. I love hearing about the lessons about missionary work going on-T was telling me she had the same one. It's so nice to hear that I'm not alone out here doing missionary work! But it's going on EVERYWHERE! constantly! :D it makes me feel better. SOunds like you were able to really bring the spirit in and I'm so glad that the other Sisters were able to feel it as well. It really is important for the members to help out in the missionary efforts. It makes me feel bad for n ot being better about that when I was in High School and such...WHich reminds me! I felt a strong impressions to somehow contact Amanda Kelly-from High school. I dunno how but maybe i'll email you something and then you can post it on her facebook or soething sometime for me. T could maybe even help yo uout with that. i dunno..but I want to keep in contact her while I'm out here. It'd be kinda cool I think if I could. anywho, thanks mom for being a part of the "hastening" becaue then me and Landon aren't doning it alone! You get to do it with us too! as well as dad of course! well and everyone in the world really :)  I love the thumb drive idea...cuz I'm kinda worried about my pictures dissappearing somehow but a thumb drive would be awesome and more safew I think. I hope and pray that you will be able to get Landon's pix! ah. i feel so bad! I hope it wasn't too upset about it...that's the pits. big time. you should ask Best Buy or something to see if they could. there's got to be a way! THere's always a way! haha I was going to email you stuff to send in a mass email but maybe i'll just make you part of the mass email. atleast what I have. I dunno how to organize all this mass or personal email stuff.
Oh goodness is there a lot to share! and so much of it was in the little letter that you were supposed to get from Pres and Sis Topham. ALso, A LOT is in my journal entries that I just sent out today. haha there's so much so sorry about that. but a lot has happened too. And just know they're long cuz in each day this past week has been crazy. Once the more "normal" missionary days take place I don't think they'll be as long. hopefully. Or i just need to get better at writing less. tehe we (SIs Kirk-my trainer/companion) have only been here in Ephrata (F-ruh-duh) for a total of 3 full days. It is in the most eastern part of the mission that we can go. ha Sis Kirk had a meeting in Pittsburgh (which is 4-5 hrs away) so we left to go back there basically the day after we just got here from Pitt. THen came back late friday night. got home around 12:40 am. oops...not our fault though just for the record.

So, in short...the plane ride was...unlike any other that's for sure. I actually have never had to even use the bathroom in planes before. ANd not only this time did I have to use it to go to the bathroom... I was throwing up. woof. not the funnest feeling thing in my life. It was SO weird though! Gosh i don't even know how to explain it. One of the ELders explained it as Satan being on our flight. I truly believe it. Some weird things happened and he DID NOT want us in PA.I think it was some weird anxiety when we were hunting sometimes-dad would know. But this time I actually threw up. lovely right?  Anywho, I only threw up twice and then felt nauseated for the rest of the time until we got into Pittsburgh. Then I just felt hungry. The last flight the Elder that said Satan was on our flight sat next to me...he is super funny! And boy was it a blessing to sit next to him cuz we just laughed most of the time. it was quiet hilarious and I was able to not feel so nasty..most of the time. haha just thinking about it makes me laugh. We finally met Pres and SIster Topham-they even let us nap at the mission home! it was SO nice! but lets just say i looked-nasty for the rest of the day :) lol

On Tues-the day of transfers the most excitement was getting an area and comp! But something even cooler happened before then. I saw Elder Palmer!! (Justin Palmer) oh gosh was it awesome to see him. He is just so awesome! he seemed super excited to see me too so that was fun. Then after many meetings and other stuff I was finally able to find out where I would be going and with who.

Anywho, so for better updates...things are going great!! It's been a crazy and weird first week. When all 30ish (the number always seems to be changing) came in, they opened 10 new areas, and some other stuff. I'll have to send you the email Pres sent us with all the new crazy stuff happening. it's so awesome! So I went into one of the new areas! Yipee! There's Elders already there but they split it and now Sisters are there! (us) And boy do they LOVE it! haha basically testimony meeting was about us. ha ok just kidding but we sure felt the love from them. The Elders are totally jealous. We also got a new 2014 car and a new phone. aren't we just lucky! My comp is Sister Kirk-she is the SIster training Leader (which is a newer calling because of all the sisters that are out) So she's been a little overwhelmed with a new calling, new missionary and new area to open. We have not too much of an idea of what's going on so it's hard to figure it all out. I'm trying hard not to tell too much of the same things as my journals will....The people here are so kind and loving. The ward has helped us out so much with groceries and such. We went shopping for only a few things last wed when we got in and now our cupboards are filled and I think i need to buy like one thing-milk or something. They just love the sister missionaries! haha it's so great. ok this email is getting too long already. sorry! my brain is all over the place right now! ahh!! I don't even know all what i've shared just know that it'll be in my journal entries. most of it at least. I think I've shared most of the important stuff though. so my address here is: It'll be this for possibly 12 weeks for training and such. we'll see. I'd love to get letters! or packages if you so desire. :)
851 Clearview Ave #334
Ephrata, PA 17522
I love you all! Thanks for everyones example and prayers. I need them! The work is going forth and the Lord loves each of us and wants to help us help others come unto Christ. So reach out to Him-He is there! Be an instrument in the Lord's hands as much as possible.

Email from Sister Tiffany Berry

So this is a small little update but I thought I would let ya'll know the generals of what's going on! Well it's been a week since I've been out here! kinda...This time last week I still didn't have a companion or area in PA but I was napping after a middle of the night flight.
I am here in the Ephrata (F-ruh-duh) area. They pronounce things weird here...There are Elders and SIsters here (us)! Sister Kirk (my new comp) and I were able to open up this area. They had Sisters here once upon a time, got rid of them and now we're back. And boy do they love us! haha They love the Elders too, but apparantly there is just something speciall about us. hehe :) It's a beautiful area and I love it here!! The people are amazing already. We are on the most eastern part of the mission that you can possibly get. Don't believe me (ask the dishes-Beauty and the Beast for those who don't know Disney)- just check on a map. It's crazy. So after I got my new comp we had to travel about 5ish hours to get home. ANd we still made it home just before we turned into pumpkins. It's definitely been a crazy abnormal week but this week we have appointments made and people to meet and bring closer to Christ. It's a different lifestyle as a missionary so I'm adjusting but I think I'm adjusting quickly. I love it. I'm inside a lot more (or have been this last week) than I thought. Of course we have been traveling to and from Pitt. I love being here and serving the Lord- I have already been so blessed with crazy connections or what not that kinda make me feel at home.
I'd love to hear from ya'll!  Thank you all for your examples you have been in my life-or recently! I'm grateful to have taken this opportunity to serve these people out here! the Lord has prepared them to receive the gospel and I'm excited to give it to them. :) This Gospel is true!

Love, Sister Berry

Current Address:
Sister Tiffany A Berry
851 Clearview Ave #334
Ephrata, PA 17522

Email from Mom to Sister Tiffany Berry

Dear Sister Berry!

Hello sweet girl!  We are so excited to hear how you are doing in your new area of the world!  I have been looking online to see if your mission has any blogs that are kept up by your mission president's office or wife or anything and can't find one....

How did everything go with your airline flight?  or new companion?  meeting your new Mission President?  how is your new area? lots of fun questions!  woohoo!  :)

We are looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how things are going!  I've got your skirts all done and will be sending them out Monday after hearing from you.  I thought I'd leave the box open in case you needed anything now that you're in PA. It looks like you are getting a lot of rain, so I wondered about an umbrella....

Things here have been pretty quiet.  I got your skirts done.  Natalie and Aaron got married this week.  Yeah!  finally!  We went and got Tami's pedicure at the Enumclaw Day Spa...(from the gift certificate you guys gave her at Christmas time).  Tami loved it and her toe nails looks very festive.

I'm starting Breanna's baby quilt!  It should be kind of fun.  She's very much getting excited for the baby to come.  They still haven't decided what her name will be, it sounds like Rudyard has a fun and different name, but they just aren't sure, so they'll let us know when she's here I guess....:)

I taught a lesson today in Relief Society on Hastening the Work of Salvation.  My main focus was on the importance of having the member's more involved in the work.  We are not separate from the missionaries, we are all part of the same work and must work together in helping each other bring all to Christ.  I used the Church's website and showed some videos.  I loved those videos!!  I think the sisters really caught the vision that we all need to step up and open our mouths so that the Lord can work through us.  I even suggested that we should know how to use the Social Media to help spread the spirit of the Gospel.  A lady was able to talk to me about how her blog has brought others to the knowledge of the church and has had people email questions to her because of her comments on the church.  Isn't that wonderful!?!

I pray for you always!  You have such a wonderful heart and love of people.  Let them feel of your love for them, the rest will come.  Pray for guidance to those who have been prepared for the gospel, for those who need the gospel in their lives.  I pray you will be confident in who you are!  You are amazingly awesome!!!!!  The Lord will not let us fail, as we continue to do our best.  I know I'm going to try harder to open my mouth and spead the Gospel.  I think we need to ask those that we visit teach or that we know are not active and invite them to come back.  Perhaps to challenge them to read some scriptures or to pray.  I want to be part of the "Hastening"

I'm going to send you a thumb drive to put your pictures on.  Then you can send that one home and I'll send it back after loading onto another one here at the house.  Hopefully your pictures will be more safe on the thumb drive when transferring back and forth to home.  I'm really missing seeing some pictures from Landon....hopefully he and I will get that figured out soon.

I love you and can see you in my mind each day, studying, teaching and smiling and loving those you are with!  Let us know if there is anythiing we can do for you!  We love you.  God bless you as you continue to Spread Your Sunshine!

With much love and gratitude for you,  mom